January 2010 – Dayna, our 16 year old daughter, began to have occasional headaches in January 2010 that eventually turned into a single constant 24/7 headache by August 2010. Over the counter medications did not help the pain.

August 2010 – Dayna saw a neurologist and began taking prescription medications that did not relieve her headache.

October 2010 – December 2010 – Turned to the highly recommended Diamond Headache Clinic searching for relief of the 24/7 headache. The goal was for Dayna to have relief by her winter break from school. If she did not, she would be admitted to the Diamond Headache Clinic for inpatient therapy. Her diet was modified and biofeedback techniques were learned. Nothing eased her pain. Eventually, Dayna was hospitalized when different medications did nothing to relieve the
pain for intensive IV treatment. The treatment was not successful. Many different medication were given in the hospital. None relieved the pain. Dayna was released with the same 24/7 headache. Upon her release, she was prescribed medications that proved unsuccessful while in the hospital.

January 2011 – June 2011 – Went to a chiropractor thinking she may have a pinched nerve. She had little relief. Moved onto Northwestern Memorial Hospital for treatment. Not only did she have a headache at this time but she also developed spikes of pain in her face. Treatment for the headache and facial pain began. Nothing was successful. Some of the medications actually made her pain worse. Homeopathic medicine & Chinese medicine helped her immune system get back to normal after being on so many medications. Physical therapy was a disaster!

Medications that were prescribed thus far: Steroids, Topamax, Bystolic, Amitryptyline, Bellergal S, Voltaren, Ataraxm, Diphenhydramine, Indomethacin, Verapmil, Depakote, Midrin, Frova & Benydryl

April 2011 – June 2011 – Read about Nerve decompression micro surgery for relief of migraine. Few doctors do this procedure. We contacted Dr. Ivan Ducic at Georgetown University and got her paperwork in order. Dayna fit the criteria for surgery. On June 29th Dayna had surgery on the brow area of her forehead.

June 29, 2011 – She woke up in recovery and her headache and facial pain were gone!