JUNE 26, 2012

One year since my first surgery and six months since my last surgery and I’m feeling great! I do get a few headaches occasionally, but these are in check with OTC medications. I’m just thankful that if I have a headache now it will go away! I have also noticed that I am more sensitive to some things now; it seems like I have become almost lactose intolerant. Whenever I have cheese or most other dairy products I get a headache. So as long as I stay away from cheesy pasta and ice cream I’m ok 🙂 The doctor has said that it can take up to one year for nerves to settle back down after the surgery, so these random headaches I experience are not without a cause. Sometimes I can feel my nerves moving around and getting back into place. Even taking into consideration those random headaches, I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in years! In other news, I graduated high school with honors and will be going away to college in the fall. I can’t wait for August!