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KENYA – WEEK 2 MARCH 5, 2018-MARCH 9, 2018

Hi all! I thought I would give you all some background about what we are doing here in Kenya on a day to day basis.  Plus, some info on the strike and the Kenyan medical system. First of all, the medical system here is very different from the US. There are multiple types of clinics and hospitals through the country and each type provides a different level of care.  Dispensaries are local clinics where patients can pick up medication


2/26/2018-3/4/2018   I am traveling with 8 other pharmacy students who will also be working in the hospital - Austin, Max, Lindsey, Lindsay, Naomi, Elizabeth, Carli, and Megan.  There are also multiple medical residents, medical students, physicians, and scientists working with AMPATH and staying at IU house with us.  Check out this website to learn more about AMPATH and how this rotation got started   After fighting some jet lag from our 24+ hours of travel, we headed


BIG WINS The last few weeks have been pretty rough. I love working on the wards every day, but they can be extremely draining. Some days it feels like I’ve been running around all day and nothing gets done. So, to combat that we all started talking about our “big wins.” A big win is something that you did that made a difference or a positive thing that happened to you. Every day on our walks back from the

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Loving My Awesome, Healthy Life

5/29/2014 Hi Everyone! So, it’s been a while since my last post but I have some good news! I was accepted into Pharmacy School at Purdue University! After two long years of working my butt off I am so happy to be starting this wonderful chapter of my life in the fall.  I am doing so well and I absolutely love life.  I’m doing things I never thought I would ever be able to do.  In the last two

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